Dragon Hunter

When the dragons perished, the treasure they owned was left deep in the desert. Every ten years, the entrance to the dragons’ treasure house would appear in the open in the desert, attracting a group of people with unique skills called desert hunters. The desert has since become a fantasy treasure world of hunters and monsters. In order to get the treasure, one must find three gemstones, Jialan, Hengluo, and Ayu, and put them into the devil’s work ball, after which, the door of the treasure house where endless wealth was would open. Carrying the devil’s work ball with her, He Xiqing, the only living princess of Dragon, arrived at the hunter inn and hired a top hunter, Jiang Liuhai, at a high price, to look for the treasure with her. Since then, a fantastic adventure story in the desert unfolded.

Genre: AdventureComedyFantasy


Actors: , ,


Duration: 75 min

Quality: HD